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Family Law


Gregory D. Smith, a graduate of the prestigious Alliance Defense Fund’s National Litigation Academy (which is supported by such well-respected organizations as Focus on the Family and Prison Fellowship), actively practices in the area of Family Law. Family Law falls into four basic categories: 1) Divorce, 2) Juvenile Law, 3) Child Support / Visitation / Adoption, and 4)Wills. Since each of these areas are primarily state issues, the following statements are Tennessee specific and may not apply to the law of other states.

Alliance Defense Fund Letter of Appreciation


Contrary to popular belief, nobody “wins” in a divorce court. The only way to “win” in a divorce court is not to go there in the first place and for both spouses to be just as happy at their death as when they were on their wedding day. If this is not possible, experienced legal counsel is a must. Gregory D. Smith has presented hundreds of divorces, both contested and uncontested, since 1988.

Juvenile Law

Gregory D. Smith is a former Juvenile Court Referee and has authored a book on practice in Tennessee juvenile courts which is widely used throughout Tennessee. He co-authored another book on juvenile law and he also lectures regularly on juvenile topics. Prior to leaving the American Bar Association due to the ABA’s stance on abortion, Gregory D. Smith was twice the national chair of the ABA/YLD Juvenile Justice Committee. In 1991, Mr. Smith was nominated as the ABA’s Outstanding Juvenile Advocate in America. In 1994, Mr. Smith participated as a representative in a world conference on juvenile law at the United Nations.

Child Support / Visitation / Adoption

Gregory D. Smith actively handles cases involving child support / visitation / adoption. As a matter of fact, a key case that establishes how Tennessee calculates long term child support arrearages was established in one of Mr. Smith’s cases [State ex. rel. Vaughn v. Kaatrude, 21 SW3d 244 (Tenn. App. M.S. 2000)].


One of the most common questions in the area of Family Law is the need for a will. The Law Office of Gregory D. Smith will give away a simple will to Tennessee residents if the person leaves anything to any religious based organization in their will. Irregardless of whether a person wants other services or not, the Law Office of Gregory D. Smith will give Tennessee residents a living will if requested.