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Do VA disability benefits get divided in divorce?

No, unlike military retirement pay, VA Disability Compensation cannot be divided during a divorce. This is made clear in the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act. VA disability benefits are treated differently from military retirement benefits, which can be divided during a divorce.

While that seems like a simple enough answer, there is still a lot of confusion around how VA disability benefits are treated in a divorce.

Is there DNA evidence against you? Don't give up hope just yet

Thanks to true-crime television shows and forensic dramas, the American public is largely familiar with the use of DNA evidence in criminal cases.

What they don't necessarily know, however, is that DNA evidence isn't actually the "cincher" in a criminal case. In fact, the best use of DNA evidence may be ruling out someone's involvement in a crime -- not proof of guilt.

Times a civil case can be appealed

When most people think about court cases they tend to lump them all under one umbrella. This is far from how courts work. There are several types of court cases, but they primarily fall under the heading of civil or criminal cases. Criminal cases involve a defendant who has been accused of breaking the law. Civil cases do not involve a defendant, and usually relate to property rights, divorce, probate and similar matters.

It is undoubtedly a disappointment when an individual loses a civil court case. It can mean not receiving compensation for damages they have incurred, not holding the other party to a contract or not receiving inheritance, to name a few examples. There is still a chance for the individual to receive the outcome they desire, though, by appealing the verdict of the case.

3 things all cohabiting couples should discuss

Cohabitation has become increasingly common for a number of reasons, including the changing concept of what it means to be in a relationship with someone and the vanishing social stigma against it.

However, many cohabiting couples don't fully understand their rights -- or what rights they lack in the event that something unexpected happens. Here are some of the most important things that cohabiting couples need to discuss together in order to take steps to protect each other:

Facebook worker seeks class-action status over job conditions

Facebook is accused of failing to provide its content moderators with a safe working environment.

If one such worker -- among the thousands of employees who have held the job -- has her way, a new lawsuit over the issue will soon achieve class-action status. That would open the door to claims from anyone with a similar complaint.

Why should you hire an appellate lawyer?

When you've just a lost a lawsuit and you're convinced that the trial court made the wrong decision, your first instinct may be to ask your trial attorney to immediately file an appeal.

Wait. You need to consider an appellate attorney instead.

Understanding charges of malingering

When you were a kid back in grade school, did you ever pretend to be sick to get out of an assignment?

If so, that's malingering. In general, malingering is an old-fashioned term for trying to get out of the job you've been assigned. While a small child might be forgiven for faking a bellyache to get out of gym class, the military takes malingering very seriously. If you stand accused of malingering, this is what you need to know.

How to help your kids cope with divorce

Divorce can be difficult for both you and your soon-to-be former spouse, but it can be especially tricky for your children. Children can feel a wide range of emotions about an impending divorce, so it is crucial to be supportive when helping your child cope with their parents’ divorce.


What everyone should know about 'Miranda' rights

"You have the right to remain silent..."

Almost everyone has heard these words and everything that follows them at least a few times -- they're repeated often enough on television shows and in movies and they're often taught in schools as part of government classes ever since the Supreme Court ruled that police officers have to remind people in their custody about certain rights before proceeding with an interrogation.

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