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What everyone should know about 'Miranda' rights

"You have the right to remain silent..."

Almost everyone has heard these words and everything that follows them at least a few times -- they're repeated often enough on television shows and in movies and they're often taught in schools as part of government classes ever since the Supreme Court ruled that police officers have to remind people in their custody about certain rights before proceeding with an interrogation.

Who will pay the mortgage after a divorce?

You and your spouse have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Now comes the part that can be just as difficult – dividing your marital property.

Along with marital property comes debt. Who will pay the credit card bills? The outstanding student loans? And maybe most importantly, who will pay the mortgage?

New tax law & divorce: What you need to know

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has led to major changes to the tax code. One specific change will directly impact divorce. This change involves how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will tax alimony payments.

How does the IRS view alimony payments? It is important that every divorcing couple recognize the IRS will play a role in their divorce. Virtually every monetary transaction can face a tax. The only notable exception are child support payments.

When – and why – would you choose mediation over litigation?

Alternative Dispute Resolution, also known as mediation, has been available to the citizens of Tennessee since 1996, when the Tennessee Supreme Court enacted Rule 31. This rule makes it possible for citizens of Tennessee to use mediation instead of litigation to resolve a dispute.

You’ve probably heard the terms mediation and litigation, but do you actually know what they mean? And why – and when - would you choose mediation over litigation?

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