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Divorce can be difficult for both you and your soon-to-be former spouse, but it can be especially tricky for your children. Children can feel a wide range of emotions about an impending divorce, so it is crucial to be supportive when helping your child cope with their parents’ divorce.


How to tell your children about your divorce

It can be helpful for you and your spouse to tell your children together. This way, the child will feel supported from both of their parental figures.

Just as you would want your children to be honest with you, they want you to be honest with them. Delaying the inevitable will not help the situation, so give your children ample time to process the news of divorce. You do not need to tell them all of the details of why the divorce is coming, but some detail may help them understand why it is a necessary step. How to tell your children about your divorce

How to support your children during the divorce

There are several ways that you can help your children cope with a divorce while it is going on. They include:

  • Talk details elsewhere: It may not be helpful for your child to be in the middle of making the legal decisions necessary when going through a divorce. They likely have enough to worry about without adding legal drama to the mix.
  • Try not to fight with your ex: If you are going to battle out details, or throw slams at one another, do it when the children are not around. Seeing their parents break up can be hard but seeing their parents fight can be worse.
  • Ask their needs: When children are faced with big changes, they may not feel comfortable requesting what would make them feel better. It can be beneficial to take time and ask them what would make this transition easier.

Parents who have children and are going through divorce can find the situation hard to navigate, but it does not have to be. By keeping your children at the top of your mind, it may be easier on everyone.