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Generally speaking, the way child support is calculated is very straight forward. In most cases, the only variable that is used to determine the amount of child support owed is the income of the noncustodial parent.

However, there are some circumstances in which child support may need to be increased. This can be in a situation where the child needs to receive medical treatment that is going to put a significant financial strain on the custodial parent. If this is the case, the parent may want to request a child support modification.

Requesting a child support modification

When requesting a child support modification, the parent will need to document the change of circumstances, and why a modification of child support is necessary. If the child is suffering from ill health that is seen to be a temporary condition, the judge might order that there be a temporary increase in the child support owed, for example for the next 6 months. However, if the child is diagnosed with a condition that will require medical treatment for the foreseeable future, a permanent modification of child support may be ordered.

How will child support be modified?

Child support will be modified in a way that seems fair, affordable and just for both parties. It is possible that the estimated medical expenses will be divided equally between both parents so that they share the financial burden.

If your child is receiving medical treatment, you may want to request a modification in child support to help you cope financially with the changes.