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Mediation has become a popular option for people wanting a fast divorce. Many in Tennessee are turning to divorce mediation in order to end their marriage in a fast and discreet manner.

However, divorce mediation isn’t a perfect solution. Here are a few of the biggest pros and cons to the mediation process:

Pro: Mediation is private

When you go through a standard divorce, a lot of the process takes place inside the courtroom and is public record.

Unlike a traditional divorce, mediation is discreet. You are working outside of the court system so your information stays private.

Pro: It can be cheaper

Mediation can be cheaper than a traditional divorce. You are splitting the cost of a dedicated mediator. That expense pales in comparison to the fees you can rack up in courtroom fees.

Mediation usually takes a lot less time as well, so your costs stay lower.

Pro: Less stress on any children involved

Because the proceedings are collaborative, not combative, it can be easier on your kids. They don’t have to witness you and their other parent fighting against each other in court. Instead, they can see you peacefully work out your differences through a mediator.

Con: Possible waste of time and money

Because mediation relies on both parties agreeing to a resolution, there’s a chance that your divorce ends up back in court at any point. If this is the case, you will have wasted time and money because the mediation does not affect court rulings.

Con: Can lead to hidden assets

Financial records during mediation may not face the type of scrutiny found in court. Your spouse may attempt to hide assets from the mediator with no repercussions. If you have concerns about your partner’s unscrupulous behavior, mediation may not be a safe choice.

Con: Requires cooperation with your ex

Sometimes, it’s impossible for two ex-partners to coexist peacefully in the same room. If the thought of sitting down with your ex and working through a separation sounds like torture, it may be worth just going through a standard divorce.

Finding the right approach

It’s important that you determine what is important for you in your separation before making a decision. For those facing an amicable separation, mediation can be a cheap, fast alternative to traditional divorce.

However, if you’re worried about potential bad behavior or high emotions, it may not be a viable option. Talk to a skilled family law attorney to decide which is the best route for your separation.