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You have had it with your neighbor’s barking dog that seems to bark constantly. Should you call the police? Should you take your neighbor to court? The right answer may be different depending on the situation. However, having to deal with a dog whose barking becomes a nuisance is not right. You should be able to live peacefully in your Tennessee home. How you deal with this situation is up to you, though.

 According to the Whole Dog Journal, most communities have laws about excessive barking because it disturbs others to the extent that they cannot enjoy their own homes. Generally, the first step to take is to speak with your neighbor. This may not be possible or perhaps you have already tried to do this. In this case, you may want to call law enforcement or animal control.

Do be prepared to be told that these agencies cannot do anything. At most, an officer may come out and speak with your neighbor or try to speak to your neighbor and issue him or her a warning. Typically, law enforcement and animal control are very busy, so they may not come out at all until there have been many complaints. You may need to get the help of other neighbors.

 If you have tried to work this out with your neighbor and tried to involve authorities and the barking is still an issue, then you can go to small claims court. This can be tricky since you will still live beside this neighbor and going to court could cause ill will. However, you have the right to peace in your own home and you have tried other options to handle the situation. So, you may have no other choice. This information is for education and is not legal advice.