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There are many different considerations that couples should explore when they end their marriage, including the time of year in which they initiate the divorce process. For example, there are a number of different factors that could impact the divorce process during each season, especially for those who have kids. If you are thinking about ending your marriage in the fall, you should review some of the different topics that may come into play while moving on from a failed marriage during this time of year.

Fall is a season of change, with leaves changing colors and temperatures cooling down. Many other changes may arise during this season, such as parents and children having difficulty with back-to-school season. When kids return to school, many stressors can arise, and these can affect a parent’s ability to concentrate on their divorce. Some people may experience significant changes to their work schedules in the fall, whether work picks up due to the approach of the holiday season or someone struggles to keep working because the summer has come to an end. After all, many jobs are seasonal and end after the summer, and certain positions (such as construction and jobs which involve outdoor work) may slow down in the fall.

These are just a few of the factors that people may want to think about if they decide to file for a divorce in the fall. Regardless of the season in which you initiate a divorce, it is imperative to cover all of your bases and have a firm grasp of your options as well as your rights.