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When couples are not able to see eye to eye on key matters, such as how children should be raised, or when one spouse commits an irreparable mistake (such as having an affair), the marriage may break down and ultimately come to an end. However, there are some other reasons why marriages fail, even if nothing “happened.” For example, distrust may cause a marriage to fall apart in various ways, whether someone is tired of their spouse asking relentless questions about their activity or someone simply cannot trust their marital partner any longer.

If you have lost all faith in your spouse due to an affair, unlawful behavior or some other issue, you may decide to move on in your life. Sometimes, certain hurdles are too significant to overcome, and people decide that ending the marriage is best. Or, perhaps your spouse has little trust in you and is always bothering you. For example, you might have to work long days (or nights) and your spouse may accuse you of wrongdoing. Over time, this can be very bothersome, and it may ultimately cause a marital relationship to crumble.

Trust is critical in any relationship, and when trust is permanently lost it may seal the end of a marriage. We know how difficult this can be for married couples, especially if they still have feelings for their spouse but have decided that it is time to move forward in their life. Please review the different pages on divorce on our website for a clearer understanding of legal topics surrounding family law.