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Experienced Criminal Appeals Representation

I am attorney Gregory D. Smith. As a criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County, Tennessee, since 1988, I represent defendants in criminal appeals. I am admitted to practice in every federal court of appeals in the United States, as well as Tennessee appellate courts. I have helped numerous wrongfully convicted clients get out of prison.

All Case Types Handled

I represent appeals related to all criminal convictions and trial motions, including:

Appellate practice is different from the trial level. Many times, defendants are not represented by the same lawyer they used at trial. Appeals tend to be about questions of law rather than fact. Your attorney must be able to identify and interpret the relevant laws and make the strongest possible case on your behalf.

That is what I do for my criminal appeals clients. Whether you are contesting a conviction or a decision made at trial, I am prepared to mount a vigorous appeal.

By Your Side The Entire Way

I firmly support the principle that everyone accused or convicted of a crime is entitled to qualified legal defense. My job is to provide you practical legal advice and effective representation throughout your appeal.

Get Started On Your Appeal. Call My Office Today.

To schedule an appointment with me, please call The Law Office of Gregory D. Smith at 931-647-1299. You can also reach me by filling out my online intake form. My office is in Clarksville, Tennessee.