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DUI Convictions May Be Based On Prescribed Drugs Or Marijuana Any Drug That Stimulates The Central Nervous Systrem

When most people think of “DUI,” (Driving Under the Influence), they think solely of alcohol. While alcohol consumption is the most common basis for a DUI charge, it isn’t the only basis. Prescription drugs, even taken as directed, can lead to a DUI conviction. Tenn. Code Ann. sec. 55-10-411(e). Any drug or stimulant that affects […]

Options Exist for Those Facing Courts-Martial

Soldiers that are charged with a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) can propose other punishment options instead of a “BCD” (Bad Conduct Discharge) courts-martial trial. An example of an alternative punishment would be a “Chapter 10” (Other Than Honorable) administrative discharge from the military. This option avoids a trial or potential […]

How does joint custody positively impact children?

Tennessee parents like you need to decide what type of custody situation will work best for everyone, but especially your children. Today, the Law Office of Gregory D. Smith will examine the possible positive benefits associated with joint custody.

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What should you do if police show up at your door?

Any time you are stopped by Tennessee law enforcement officials, it is easy to become stressed and say or do things that are not helpful to your situation. One way to avoid this is to know your rights before the police show up at your door. If you are accused of a crime, the American Civil Liberties Union defines the rights you have that are intended to protect you from any wrongdoing by police.


How Do I Navigate a Special-Needs Child and Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult time for anybody, but if there is a special-needs child in the balance the stakes are much higher and things can become much more complex. In the event that you are going through a divorce with a child who has special needs in Tennessee, you likely have concerns that other parents will not need to consider.