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Can I get my parental rights reinstated?

There are many situations that could lead to your parental rights being terminated in Tennessee. Typically, when you lose your rights, you are made aware of what is happening. You are given the chance to stop the termination by the court. Courts do not often remove rights without giving you a chance to prevent it from happening. However, if your rights were terminated and you now wish to reinstate them, it helps to know where the law stands on this.

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Who has the right to appeal a court decision?

If you are not familiar with appealing a court judgment, you may wonder who can make an appeal in the first place. Do both sides have an equal opportunity to appeal a Tennessee court decision, and does it work the same way in civil litigation and in criminal prosecutions? The U.S. Courts website provides answers to these important questions. If you are considering an appeal to a court judgment, you should have a reasonable idea of how to proceed.